Volume 2, Issue 2


HIV/AIDS: A Life Threatening Disease


Author: Pankaj Kumar Bhatoa, Deepak Sharma*, Rajesh Kumar

Research Scholar, Department of Pharmacy, Sai Ram Education Trust, Himachal Pradesh, India

Abstract: Human Immune Deficiency Virus is a member of Retrovirus family, that causes AIDS. In 1984, a human retrovirus (HIV) was isolated and identified as the causes AIDS. AIDS was recognized for first time in USA in 1981, in 1986 the first case of HIV was identified in INDIA. It is transmitted through unprotective sex, shearing of infected needle & syringe, from infected mother to her fetus and HIV infected blood transfusion. It is identified by testing antibodies to HIV with in six month after infection. Mostly HIV test positive with in three month. In rare case it take six month for someone to test positive. Interval from HIV to diagnose AIDS ranges from about nine month to twenty years or longer, with a median of twelve years. There are no vaccine to prevent HIV infection and no cure for AIDS but life span after exposure is enhanced by the ART. There are different Holistic, Ayurvedic & Allopathic treatments are there but these treatment only increase the life span of patients, but are not responsible to kill the virus so AIDS could also be pronounced as “After Infection Death Sure”.

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