Volume 2, Issue 12


Immunological and functional predictors of chronic obstructive pulmonary Disease’s combined with metabolic syndrome progression


Author: Svitlana Bychkova

Abstract: In modern clinical practice is more often possible to meet patients with a combination of three diseases - diabetes, the arterial hypertension in combination with ischemic heart disease, which are components of metabolic syndrome (MS) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Combination of these socially - significant diseases reflects new period of new age diseases. The purpose of this study was to define the main clinical, structural, functional and immunological predictors of combined pathology advance - COPD and MS. The COPD diagnosis was verified among 143 patients, 75 patients out of them had a combination of COPD and MS (the main group), and 68 - separate disease (compare group). The clinical presentation of COPD progression among patients with MS symptoms unlike with separate COPD is characterized by heavier progression with growth of frequency of annual COPD recrudescences, respiratory function defects of the mixed type and myocardium remodeling with hypertrophy of the right and left heart. The patients with COPD combined with MS experience increasing of systematic inflammatory process activity in the form of concentration pro-inflammatory increasing (Interleukine - 1β, TNF-α, Interleukine -6, Interleukine -8) and deficit of anti-inflammatory (Interleukine -4) that is caused by production cytokines by excess of fatty tissue, and also cytokines synthesis activation in response to a hypoxia and inflammatory process in a bronchus- pulmonary system.

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