Volume 2, Issue 12


Development and Evaluation of drug loaded Eudragit RS-100 microspheres for colon specific drug delivery system


Author: N. NHire*, Dr. D.V. Derle

Abstract: In the present study attempt was made for colon specific drug delivery using Eudragit RS100 microspheres of Serratiopeptidase an analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities,.Eudragit RS100 microspheres of Serratiopeptidase were prepared by solvent evaporation technique using Eudragit RS100 as a rate controlling polymer and the microspheres were evaluated. Eudragit RS100 microspheres were spherical, discrete, free flowing and multinucleate monolithic type. The mean size range was found for formulation in the range of 31 to 33 μm. Entrapment efficiency was in the range of 83.827 to 95.407 %. The FTIR and DSC study confirmed that no chemical interaction took place during entrapment process. The X-ray diffraction study indicates the amorphous dispersion of the drug after entrapment in to microspheres. The effect of polymer on release profile of drug was calculated. Serratiopeptidaserelease from theEudragit RS100 microspheres was slow over 12 hr and dependant on core: coat ratio and size of microspheres. Drug release was by higuchi mechanism. Good linear relationship were observed between core : coat ratio of the microspheres and release rate.Eudragit RS100microspheres of Serratiopeptidase exhibited good controlled release characteristics and were found suitable for once a day oral controlled release products.

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