Volume 2, Issue 12


Pharmacogenetic aspects of basic anti- inflammatory therapy of bronchial asthma in school-aged children under the deletion polymorphism of genes Gstt1and Gstm1


Author: Koloskova O.K, Bilous T.M., Mikaluk L.V, Ortemenka Ye.P

Abstract: Based on a comprehensive survey of 150 school-age children who suffer from bronchial asthma, there has been found that homozygosity for both alleles of the gene of glutathione transferase (GSTT1+ M1+) was associated with more frequent use both inhaled corticosteroids at 3 Step 3 of basic therapy and leukotriene modifiers as well as better asthma control level according to the ACT-test. Under the presence of such genotypes as GSTT1+ M1-, GSTT1-M1+ or GSTT1-M1-, the basic treatment was more likely within 2-nd and 4-th Steps by GINA recommendations, but the level of asthma control was worse in these children.

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