Volume 2, Issue 12


Surgical stress metabolic markers dynamics in different kinds of anesthesiological management of surgeries on rectal cancer


Author: Ivan I. Titov*, Khrystyna I. Popivnyak, Marta B. Grynovska

Abstract: Surgeries on rectal cancer are a strong stress-provoking factor, which triggers excessive glucose and cortisol release into the bloodstream. This justifies research on how to improve anesthesiological protection of the patients from surgical stress and provide adequate postoperative analgesia to reduce the number of complications and improve outcome. The patients were randomly divided into control group and 2 test groups, who underwent surgeries on rectal cancer and received IV and combined anesthesia respectively. Blood samples for glucose and cortisol were drawn at different stages of research. Obtained results were statistically verified. Glucose and cortisol level dynamics suggests there is a difference between anesthesia kind and efficacy of surgical stress prevention.

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