Volume 2, Issue 11


Review on the contribution of Ura-Marunnu, a traditional baby care practice in southern India


Author: Arun Raj GR*, Shailaja U, Prasanna N Rao, Ajayan S, Nivya P Thomas

Abstract: Children’s health encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of children from infancy through adolescence. Child and maternal care practices are now being considered as important complements to increasing household income or targeted food interventions to address child growth needs. Traditional medicine has a long history of serving people all over the world. Ura-marunnu is a traditional baby care practice comprising of a group of drugs administered to child from day one in the form of paste widely practised in the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Tamil Nadu. The current paper will be a review through the various ingredients, traditional uses and pharmacological profile of the same (Ura-marunnu).

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