Volume 2, Issue 11


Medical and social peculiarities of incurable patients as objects of palliative and hospice care


Author: Oryna Z. Detsyk, Janna Zolotarova

Abstract: The sociological survey has been performed by interviewing 156 incurable and severely ill patients at different in-patient health care facilities in Ivano-Frankivsk (Western Ukraine). It was established that incurable diseases are accompanied with low level quality of life, mainly due to dissatisfaction of patients` health state, caused by the disease, financial destitution, limitation of social activity, and worsening of family relationships, feelings of uselessness to society, disappointment in life, loneliness and apathy to everything and so on. High level of distrust, lack of information and medical staff’s attitude and its indifference to patients confirm insufficient medical staff knowledge in regards to communication with incurable patients. These items are necessary to consider in curriculums in palliative care for under and postgraduate medical education.

Age distribution of interviewed incurable patients                              Age distribution of interviewed incurable patients

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