Volume 2, Issue 11


Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Tablets of Quinapril HCl


Author: Praveen Kumar Manthena*, Sripriya Artham

Abstract: In present investigation an attempt has been made to design and develop some Quinapril matrix tablets using Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose K100M, K4M, Guar gum and their combination as release retarding polymers. Quinapril is Anti-hypertensive  drug  which  lowers  blood  pressure  level  and  has  been  selected  to prepare sustained release dosage forms. Quinapril sustained release matrix tablets were prepared using Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose K100M, K4M, Guar gum and their combination as base polymer by wet granulation method. FT-IR spectral analysis showed that characteristic peak of Quinapril pure drug was retained in the spectra of all the formulations indicating the intactness of the drug in all the formulations. Quinapril   matrix   tablets   formulated   employing   HPMC   K100M   and combination of Guar gum provided slow and controlled release of Quinapril up to 12 hr. Drug release from the matrix tablets formulation containing HPMC   K100M   and combination of Guar gum follows Zero order drug release with Higuchi diffusion. All the tablet formulation showed compliance with pharmacopoeia standard as the time increases. The dissolution result shows that an increased amount of polymer resulted in reduced drug release. A concentration dependent drug release is evident in case of the polymer i.e., lower concentration of polymers, release is marginally retarded at higher concentration is considerable. Prepared sustained formulation containing HPMC K100M, HPMCK4M   and combination of Guar gum (F8) probably showing better release based up to 96.03% drug release within 12 hour.

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