Volume 2, Issue 10


The Ways of Optimizing Treatment of the Patients with Comorbidity: Chronic Pancreatitis and Metabolic Syndrome


Author: Viktoriia Romanukha

Abstract: We have examined 84 patients to study the clinical-functional peculiarities of combined courses of the chronic pancreatitis (CP) with metabolic syndrome (MS), lipid and carbohydrate exchange infringements efficiency of usage omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PFA). The results of research show positive influence omega-3 PFA (the indices of triacylglycerides (TG), cholesterol lipoproteins very low density has possibly decreased) and a carbohydrate exchange (index НОМА has possibly decreased) in patients with chronic pancreatitis and metabolic syndrome. This work is a new method of correction metabolic disoders in patients with comorbidity.

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