Volume 2, Issue 10


Development of Pharmaceutical Excipient from Vigna mungo husk Powder


Authors: Sandeep M. Ambore, Ambar A. Gangale, Mukesh M. Gavit, Swapnil G. Patil, Chandrakant P Rathod and Avinash K Dhadwe.

Abstract: Excipients are the vital part of the pharmaceutical formulations, as these are important for drug release, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics properties of dosage form. Thus it is difficult to prepare the formulations without any excipient. In current study we explore the chances of natural waste material i.e. Vigna mungo husk powder for its excipient properties and compared with marketed formulation to check its efficacy. The results showed that the current formulation have good disintegrating property and passes the different Pharmacopoeial parameters viz. powder char acteristics, post formulation evaluation tests etc.

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