Volume 2, Issue 10


Associations of Acrocentric Chromosomes and Unstable Chromosome Aberrations in Newborns from Different Ecological Zones

Zoryana Kocherha

Abstract: 5220 metaphase plates of 187 infants from different ecological districts of Precarpathia have been analyzed with the aim to determine the frequency and spectrum of chromosomal aberrations, associations of acrocentric chromosomes in newborns. It was determined that the total number of chromosomal aberrations in newborns from districts of ecological comfort was 2, 0 and 2, 3 times lower as compared to newborns from zones with chemical and radiation contamination. The frequency of cells with associations of acrocentric chromosomes was 7,8 % higher in children from zones of chemical contamination and 9,9 % from zones of radiation pollution as compared to the children from districts of ecological comfort. The obtained results of the frequency of associations of acrocentric chromosomes correlated with the frequency indices of chromosomal aberrations (r correlated from 0,68 to 0,84), that proved the negative influence of ecological living conditions on immunogenetic status and adaptive human capabilities.

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