Volume 2, Issue 10


Immunological Changes In Patients Operated On Peritonitis


Author: Igor Churpiy

Abstract: Restoration of cellular and humoral immunity observed in patients with local peritonitis, which shows the activeness and adequateness of the immune system, which is capable to localize inflammatory process that does not require additional immunological correction. Adverse of immunological profile and its dynamics in patients with diffuse and diffuse peritonitis, which is defined by the following trends : low rates phagocytosis (phagocytic number < 3, phagocytic index < 40) during treatment, low CD3 lymphocytes (>50%) at the beginning of the disease and no tendency to increase their number to the 7th day, low immunoregulatory index (< 1,5%) at the onset that no increases to 7th day (N = 2-2,5); poor CD4 in combination with increased levels of CD8 on the 3rd, 7th day, lack of CD22 (< 20%) with no increase in their level on the 3rd day, 7th, low IgG (< 9,0 gm\l) in combination with high IgA, IgM (so-called scissors) that do not change on the 3rd and 7th day and tend to decrease its level during treatment - it is urgent to show immunoglobulin replacement therapy.

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