Volume 1, Issue 9

A Review on Colon Targeting Drug Delivery System: Novel Approaches, Anatomy and Evaluation

Malik K.

Abstract: Targeting drugs to the colon is one of the contemporary research areas in pharmaceutical sciences. The colon is a site where both local and systemic delivery of drugs can take place. Local delivery allows topical treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. However, treatment can be made effective if the drugs can be targeted directly into the colon, thereby reducing the systemic side effects. General approaches for colon targeting drug delivery include use of prodrugs, pH dependent system, time dependent system and clonic microflora activated systems. This article gives an overview on anatomy and physiology of the colon and approaches utilized for colon specific drug delivery. This article also discusses advantages & limitations of the different approaches & evaluation for site specific drug delivery to colon. It is a challenging area for future research and holds lots of promises for novel and efficient approach for targeted drug delivery system.

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