Volume 1, Issue 8

A Research Article on Formulation And Evaluation of Enteric Coated Tablet Loaded With Rabeprazole for Mucoadhesive Drug Delivery


Author: A. Badoni

Abstract: Rabeprazole is a substituted Benzimidazole is a proton pump inhibitor. PPIs block gastric acid secretion from the gastric parietal cells. The subsequent rise in gastric pH relieves symptoms and aids healing in GORD and peptic ulcer disease. Rabeprazole sodium is acid labile and formulated as an enteric coated tablet. Absorption occurs rapidly after the tablet leaves the stomach.In this present study an attempt was made to formulate and evaluate Rabeprazole as enteric coated mucoadhesive tablet. Delayed release tablets of Rabeprazole were prepared by wet granulation method using HPMC, HPMC-P, Xanthan gum and Carbapol as polymer, Avicel PH 102 (MCC) as filler and starch as binder.  The prepared tablets were evaluated for hardness, weight variation, friability and drug content uniformity and it was found that the results comply with official standards. The prepared tablets were coated using enteric coating polymer such as Hydroxypropyal methyl cellulose-Phthalate by spray dried method. The in vitro release was studied using pH 1.2 acidic buffer and pH 7.2 phosphate buffer. The in vitro release study revealed that the prepared tablets were able to sustain release drug in to the intestine. The Rabeprazole sodium enteric coated formulations F9 at a dose of 10 mg/kg body weight showed a protection index of 100%.

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