Volume 1, Issue 8

Innovative Tool for Taking Large Pills for the Elderly and Patients with Swallowing Difficulties


Author: Kiyomi Sadamoto.

Abstract: Drugs provided with a jelly are reportedly easier for elderly patients to swallow. However, no innovative formulations have been developed that combine convenient packaging with a jelly (or gel). We attempted to develop an innovative packaging/jelly formulation to aid the swallowing of tablets among 35 people older than 65 years. More than 70% of study participants were able to swallow a large tablet easily with the new packaging/jelly formulation. Furthermore, more than 80% of participants preferred to use the new product when taking a large tablet or capsule daily. This new packaging/jelly formulation may lead to increased safety and improved compliance with drug therapy, as well as provide a new way of taking medication, not only among independent elderly patients, but also among highly dependent patients who experience difficulties swallowing.

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