Volume 1, Issue 7

A Review Article on Colonic Targeted Drug Delivery System


Author: Vinay K Gupta, G. Gnanarajan, Preeti Kothiyal

Abstract: Colon targeted drug delivery system (CTDDS) delivered as both local and systemic delivery of drugs. Local delivery could, for example, allow topical treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Treatment could be enhanced when drug delivered to the target site on the colon. Systemic side effects could also be reduced. Colon specific systems is most important delivery of those drug which are normally inactivated in the upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). Primary approaches for CTDDS (Colon targeted Drug Delivery System), which includes prodrugs, pH and time dependent systems, Bacterial enzyme dependent colonic DDS and pH and bacterial enzyme dependent colonic DDS. The novel approach of CTDDS, which includes pressure controlled colonic delivery capsules (PCDCS), CODES and osmotic controlled drug delivery are specific technique.

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