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Studies on the Use of In vitro Synthesized Red Dye of Arnebia hispidissima L. in Textile Industries

Author: Dr. M.S. Shekhawat

Abstract: The shikonin-derivatives produced in the cultures of A. hispidissima were tested for dyeing cotton and woolen fibers. The maximum extraction of red dye (shikonin/alkannin) was extracted in chloroform. The dye was further separated in 5-6 fractions with help of thin layer chromatography (TCL) and column chromatographic (CC) methods. The dye was tested to obtain different color shades on cotton cloths and woolen fabrics with different types of mordants. Herbal mordants like, Prosopis galls extracts and fruit extracts of two species of Terminalia were also used. Different color shades were produced by the mordants.  Color fastness tests were also done to check the fastness of the shades and were found positive. The dye was also used to manufacture various cosmetic products.


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