International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies

Volume 1, Issue 5

Statistical study and financial modelling of Ostrich farming based on ten years projections in Karachi, Pakistan

Author(s): Dania Aeema Feroz, Rana Hadi, Muhammad Ali Khan

Abstract: Production of ostrich is highly management dependent. Ostriches had recently been received increasing attention as meat producing animals. Profitability and losses directly depend on the management techniques of eggs and chicks. Pakistan had been experiencing a moderate rate growth in farming business of ostriches. Many investors had shown keen interest towards ostrich farming. Ostrich farming had been as an emerging favorable profitable business. In this paper, financial modeling of ostrich farms in Pakistan was done. The purpose of this financial analysis was to determine the costs and benefits of a certain farm to the society over a given period of time. Building an ostrich farm includes taking care of a newly laid egg to the newly hatched chick and up to its adulthood. A considerable capital expenditure would be required to build an ostrich farm.

Graph: Year wise benefit-cost ratio & return on equity ratio analysis
BCR – Benefit Cost Ratio describes year wise return against CAPEX investment. Ideal ratio => 1
ROE – Return on Equity shows the year wise return against Capital. Ideal ratio => 1.5


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