Volume 1, Issue 11


Ethical Issus: Use of Deceptive Techniques in Research


Author: Abimbola Farinde,
500 Medical Center Blvd, Webster, Texas, USA

Abstract: When it comes to engaging in any type of research, researchers are expected to uphold by standards the guide ethical and follow the rules and regulations that govern this practice. The American Association of Pharmacist’s Code of Ethics (1994) states that are to act in an honest manner and possess integrity in their practice but this was not routinely the case with scientific research. In the aftermath of the 1963 Milgram Obedience Study which demonstrated how deceptive tactics can be utilized in research more stringent guidelines were developed that were focused on the protection of human subjects. Pharmacists are viewed as health care professional that have the responsibility to protect participants in studies so the risk versus benefit of implementing any act that has the potential to negatively impact participants in a research study must be strongly weighed prior to following through on the plan of action.

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