Volume 1, Issue 10


Microchip Drug Delivery: New Era Of Drug Delivery System

Debjit Bhowmik*, Harish Gopinath, B. Pragati Kumar, S.Duraivel, K.P.Sampath Kumar

Abstract: Microchip drug delivery system is the most wonderful system of delivering the drug for a great span of time without the intervention of the patient to whom it is fixed. It consists of varied number of sockets containing drug (generally ranging from 50-300) which release the drug at the fixed intervals each at a time. Microchips have developed its core technology for drug delivery by hermetically sealing small quantities of drug in the microreservoirs, and releasing that drug on schedule or demand. In drug delivery, there are several fundamental challenges: Long-term storage and protection of the compound, Appropriate delivery (i.e., timing and pharmacokinetics), Release of precise amounts of a compound at desired interval Compliance to prescribed therapy.

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