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Vol. 12, Special Issue 8 (2023)

Development and assessment of an e-module on videography

Monica Singh and Sandeep Deshmukh
The research underscores the significance of videography as a potent instructional medium. The primary objective of this study was to construct a prototype for an electronic module (e-module) through a multimedia approach, aimed at facilitating learners' comprehension of fundamental videography concepts. To achieve this, the content of the e-module was meticulously developed in collaboration with subject matter experts. Subsequently, various multimedia components, including videos, graphics, and more, were created in alignment with the content utilizing diverse techniques. These components were seamlessly integrated using the FrontPage software. The resulting e-module underwent a validation process involving the input of 20 experts. The outcomes of the validation indicated that the e-module aligns well with the requisite criteria in terms of content accuracy, instructional presentation, the effective integration of multimedia elements, and the proficiency of the software application. Additionally, the e-module was identified as a suitable and valuable alternative learning resource that aids in the comprehension of videography principles and facilitates the acquisition of practical videography skills.
Pages: 1734-1738  |  148 Views  63 Downloads
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Monica Singh and Sandeep Deshmukh. Development and assessment of an e-module on videography. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(8S): 1734-1738.

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