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Vol. 12, Special Issue 10 (2023)

Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on shelf life of Thabdi Peda

Krunal M Raval and Nirav D Joshi
The study's goal was to evaluate Thabdi Peda's shelf life utilising particular packing materials and subjecting them to changing atmospheric packaging. Thabdi Peda were created using a conventional procedure and then transferred into packaging made of clear PVC under sanitary conditions. These trays were placed inside pre-sterilized (with UV radiation) pouches made of Met-Polyester/Polyfilm pouches (65µ) (M1) and Polyester/Polyfilm pouches (92µ), stored at 20±2°C, and periodically tested for compositional, physico-chemical, textural, microbiological, and sensory characteristics over the course of 10 days to 30 days of storage. In storage, Thabdi Peda's moisture, acidity, FFA, HMF, and soluble nitrogen content all increased, but its pH, water activity, and head space O2 concentration dramatically decreased (P 0.05). Throughout the duration of the investigation, neither the fresh nor the preserved samples of Thabdi Peda displayed any coliform count. After being flushed with N2, Thabdi Peda developed more stiffness, hardness, chewiness, adhesiveness, and less cohesion. The decrease in Thabdi Peda's colour and appearance, body and texture, flavour, and overall acceptability scores as the storage period wore on may be attributed to the product's decreased moisture and increasing HMF and FFA concentration. The packing materials studied showed very equivalent performance in terms of compositional, textural, microbiological, and sensory alterations caused by storage, but the package Polyester/PE pouch (M2) can be favoured due to cost considerations.
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Krunal M Raval and Nirav D Joshi. Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on shelf life of Thabdi Peda. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2023; 12(10S): 757-762.

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