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Vol. 11, Special Issue 9 (2022)

Challenges and issues on living environment and demand for healthcare treatment among slum dwellers

Dr. A Sugirtha Rani and Dr. V Vaithianathan
Slum dwellers are highly vulnerable because of poor hygiene, over – crowding, lack of basic amenities such as water and sanitation, low availability and use of formal health services. Inadequate sanitation remains a leading cause of diarrheal disease and mortality among children in urban slums. Additionally, urban air quality is polluted from industry and vehicles and indoor air can be especially toxic from fumes of indoor cooking stoves. Children are especially susceptible to lung disease from air pollution. There is an imperative need to have a more inclusive policy that extends services to the slum people as well. This research paper helps to provide timely, high-quality information on health and living conditions among the poor in urban areas, as well as residents of slum area, will help to guide the design of effective policies and the implementation of programmes to take the most urgent problem in growing cities in India. This research work emphasises and creates awareness about the concept of community participatory approach in setting up of necessary basic amenities along with the help of third sector in slum areas towards achieving the sustainable goals related to health and living conditions.
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Dr. A Sugirtha Rani and Dr. V Vaithianathan. Challenges and issues on living environment and demand for healthcare treatment among slum dwellers. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(9S): 3278-3284.
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