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Vol. 11, Special Issue 9 (2022)

Rainfall analysis for crop planning and water management strategies in Gariyaband District of Chhattisgarh plain

Rajendra Kumar Deo and Dr. BL Sinha
The success of agricultural production depends on the volume and distribution of rainfall. For arranging agricultural operations, weekly, monthly, and seasonal rainfall data are particularly helpful. In light of this, an effort has been made to assess rainfall distribution patterns, including weekly, seasonal, and annual rainfall, using data from Gariyaband, Chhattisgarh, during a ten-year period (2011-2020). The analysis revealed that the 29th week of the monsoon season had the greatest rainfall total, which was 313.8 mm. Although the most average rainfall of 104.6 mm was observed in 29th week had. The monthly rainfall study revealed that the maximum value of average monthly rainfall (300 mm) and the minimum value (0 mm) were recorded in August and November, respectively. The highest rainfall, 1437 mm, was recorded during the crop (Kharif) seasons, accounting for 81.31 percent of the annual average rainfall. The monsoon season in the region had the most average rainfall, 969.28 mm, while the winter season had the lowest average rainfall, 15.36 mm. It typically loses a significant portion through runoff, which can be kept in in-situ or ex-situ water harvesting facilities and used for growing crops in the Kharif, Rabi, and summer seasons. It can also be used as lifesaving irrigation, particularly during the dry period of one or two weeks during the rainy season, which also has a negative impact on standing Kharif crops. The annual rainfall variance ranged from (-) 25.4% to (+) 24.64% as a percentage of the mean. As a result, the useful data collected from the analysis of rainfall in the current study can be applied to crop planning and the creation of soil and water conservation structures in the Gariyaband region.
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Rajendra Kumar Deo and Dr. BL Sinha. Rainfall analysis for crop planning and water management strategies in Gariyaband District of Chhattisgarh plain. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(9S): 260-264.
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