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Vol. 11, Special Issue 9 (2022)

Standardization of drying technology for cut foliage

Neelima Khunte and Dr. Pooja Gupta
Dried flowers and foliage are an important product of modern floriculture. The study was carried out for Standardization of drying technology for cut foliage. The experiment was carried out in Completely Randomized Design and was replicated thrice. Present study describes plant species suitable for leaf skeletonization and the use of various chemicals for removal of unwanted color from prepared venation skeletons. Bleaching (Ala 25%) found better was transformed complete transparent and whitish for its further use in crafting. To ensure the availability of the greens for a longer duration a study was conducted on effect of glycerine solutions to enhance the shelf life, quality and extend the longevity of foliages. The experiment was conducted with three types of glycerine solutions (10%, 20% and 40%) and with two methods likely full-dip and uptake, by placing only the stems or dipping the foliages in the glycerine solution, which were harvested at matured stage. The parameters like fresh weight, dry weight and moisture loss. Other quality parameters like texture, shape, brittleness, colour retention and overall acceptability were recorded. Findings of results revealed that best results were obtain in terms of texture, shape, brittleness, colour, overall acceptability was maximum in glycerine (40%) by full-dip method for Kachnar leaves. In Peepal leaves and Thuja leaves, glycerine (40%) by full-dip method showed best results with maximum retention of colour.
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Neelima Khunte and Dr. Pooja Gupta. Standardization of drying technology for cut foliage. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(9S): 247-253.
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