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Vol. 11, Special Issue 8 (2022)

Effect of special feed supplementation on various transitional diseases

Niharika Thakur and Parminder Singh
The present study was undertaken to assess the effect of special feed supplementation (SFS) on incidence of various transitional diseases. A total of 250 dairy farmers were randomly selected and were interviewed personally from various parts of Punjab through a structured interview schedule. The effect of special feed supplementation was found to be significant (p<0.05) with various supplements given before calving, after calving and during dry period in case of dystokia, ROP (Retention of Placenta), anoestrus and metritis. Effect of feed supplementation varied significantly (p<0.01) with the whole model of ROP. But ROP also had significant effect (p<0.05) individually with SFS after calving. Nishadhar had a significant impact (p<0.05) on incidence of ROP and anoestrus and helped in reducing the incidence of ROP and anoestrus. DCAD (Dietary Cation Anion difference) also varied significantly with anoestrus. Hence, it was concluded that farmers who were using special feed supplements did not encounter any transitional problems. Majority of dairy farmers were not very much aware regarding special feed supplements that are to be offered during transitional diseases. Hence, extension awareness regarding this concept is a need of an hour so as to prevent animals from future production losses.
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Niharika Thakur and Parminder Singh. Effect of special feed supplementation on various transitional diseases. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2022; 11(8S): 2217-2220.

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