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Vol. 10, Special Issue 7 (2021)

Use of fish otoliths in habitat fingerprinting

Sarita Kumari Das, Kamalesh Panda, Sagarika Swain and Pooja Saklani
Utility of Otolith chemistry in fisheries management has not been comprehensively examined and thus this review of articles is been done to compile these facts that indicates its applicability in habitat conservation by analysing its microchemistry. Otolith chemistry publications span a wide variety of topics starting from becoming an important technique for identifying and delineating fish stock units, their habitats, migration pattern of the highly migratory stocks. The capacity to differentiate between distinct groups due to differences in otolith chemical composition has made it a successful natural tag in stock discrimination experiments. Otoliths are continuously deposited components in fish that contain vital information about the environment. The history and development of otolith chemistry in general, as well as their application in the field of fish stocks and their management are briefly summarised here.
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Sarita Kumari Das, Kamalesh Panda, Sagarika Swain and Pooja Saklani. Use of fish otoliths in habitat fingerprinting. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(7S): 167-173.

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