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Vol. 10, Special Issue 10 (2021)

Tapping the untapped potentials of rice-fallow areas in Bhagalpur (Bihar)

Nitu Kumari and Yogita Sharma
Rice crop is considered as the principal crop during the kharif season in the country occupying an area of over 40 million hectare. But during the subsequent rabi season this area is not fully utilized for crop cultivation and remains fallow which accounts for about 30% (11.3 mha) of the area under rice production. These fallow land offers an enormous opportunities for cultivation of short duration pulses and oilseed crops. Crop productivity in rice fallows is generally poor due to various bio-physical, biotic and abiotic stress, poor crop management practices and socio-economic reasons. Soil moisture is the most serious constraints as amount of rainfall received during rabi season is low and erractic. After the harvest of rice, growing of rabi crops will solely depend upon availability of soil moisture. The present study attempts to assess the opportunities available in rice-fallow region and utilizing those untapped potentials of the fallow particularly in Bhagalpur district of Bihar. This will help to understand the scenario at aggregate level and will indicate the factors responsible for rice-fallow area and preventing the crop production during subsequent rabi season. Primary data has been used for this purpose. The findings of the study indicates that rainfed ecology and lack of irrigation is the first and foremost factor followed by low soil moisture residual availability are responsible for leaving the land fallow after cultivation of rice crop during kharif. After the harvest of rice crop this land remains fallow in the subsequent rabi season. This untilized area offers an enormous opportunities to overcome the problem of food and nutritional insecurity of the country.
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Nitu Kumari and Yogita Sharma. Tapping the untapped potentials of rice-fallow areas in Bhagalpur (Bihar). The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2021; 10(10S): 18-21.

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