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Vol. 9, Special Issue 7 (2020)

Effect of Selamectin in feline sarcoptic mange of Wayanad district, Kerala

Xavier M, Janus A, Deepa PM and Bipin KC
Mange is a common dermatological infection in felines. It is contagious and could be transmissible to human beings. The majority of the infectious dermatological condition in felines is related to mite mainly Notoedres cati. Cats presented with clinical signs of mange such as pruritus, erythema, scabs, alopecia, hyperpigmentation were selected for the study. The skin scrapings examination was carried out. As per the results of skin scrapings, the range of infection was graded as per the plus system of microscopy. Twelve cats positive for Notoedrus mites were treated with Selamectin as spot on behind the neck at the rate of 6 mg/kg body weight. On the first day of presentation, three cats were heavily (++++) infected (25%), four cats were moderately (+++) infected, three cats were comparatively less infected (++), and two cats were less infected (+) with Notoedrus mites. After the first week, the animals showed marked recovery and six cats showed negative results in skin scrapings examination. During the second week, ten cats were recovered with negative skin scrapings results. By third week almost all the scabs were healed and by fourth week all the cats were clinically recovered.
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Xavier M, Janus A, Deepa PM and Bipin KC. Effect of Selamectin in feline sarcoptic mange of Wayanad district, Kerala. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2020; 9(7S): 87-89.
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