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Vol. 9, Special Issue 7 (2020)

Prevalnce of sub-clinical mastitis in lactating cows in Thoothukudi district

Raghavendran VB, Rajasokkapan S and Prabhu R
Twenty four dairy farms were selected to determine the prevalence of subclinical mastitis in lactating cows of Thoothukudi district. Milk samples from all the four quarters were collected separately and were subjected to physical examination and subsequently screened for Sub-Clinical Mastitis using California Mastitis Test. The prevalence was more in crossbred cows than the nondescript. The incidence of SCM was highly prevalent in the hind quarters (63%) of the lactating cows udder than the fore quarters (31%). The SCM prevalence was higher in the cows maintained under intensive management system than semi-intensive management system. The overall prevalence of SCM was recorded 33.33%, 73.53% and 85.71% in non-descript, Jersey CB and HF CB cows respectively. During the early, mid and late stages of lactation, the prevalence of SCM was 56.82%, 60.00% and 56.28% respectively in the lactating cows. It was noticed during the study that the farmers are not well aware of SCM and their impact on milk production and udder health. Hence, imparting proper knowledge about the adoption of strict hygiene will reduce the prevalence of SCM which in turn increases the production and profit of the farmers.
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Raghavendran VB, Rajasokkapan S and Prabhu R. Prevalnce of sub-clinical mastitis in lactating cows in Thoothukudi district. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2020; 9(7S): 16-18. DOI: 10.22271/tpi.2020.v9.i7Sa.4898

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