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Vol. 9, Special Issue 11 (2020)

Socio economic study and seasonal indices of turmeric in Sangli District of Maharashtra

Dhok AA, Perke DS and Karanjalkar AP
Present study was conducted to access the socio-economic characteristics of turmeric growers and seasonal indices of turmeric in Sangali district of Maharashtra. Multistage sampling design was used. From Sangali district, six villages from Miraj and Palus tehsil were selected randomly. The information pertaining to the objective was collected from 60 samples of turmeric growers from selected villages. Data pertaining to agricultural year 2015-16. Percentage, average, standard deviation were used to access socio-economic condition of the respondents, while coefficient variation was used to test the stated hypothesis. Result revealed that, the average age of respondents was 44.83 years. In respect to education level score found was 2.6. Average family size of turmeric respondents was 5.5. Average livestock holding with respect to milch animal and bullock pair of selected farmers were 2.75 and 0.73 respectively. Average occupational level score was 1.45. Average size of holding of sweet orange growers was 2.62 ha of which net sown area was 2.41 ha. The average double cropped area was 1.07 ha. The cropping intensity was found 144.40 per cent. The average area under turmeric was 1.30 ha. The seasonal indices of monthly arrivals and prices of turmeric showed the extent of fluctuations in the arrivals and prices from month to month.
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Dhok AA, Perke DS and Karanjalkar AP. Socio economic study and seasonal indices of turmeric in Sangli District of Maharashtra. The Pharma Innovation Journal. 2020; 9(11S): 41-44.

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