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Vol. 12, Issue 5 (2023)

Molecular studies on carrier status of bovine Anaplasmosis in and around Chennai

Prabhavathy Harikrishnan, M Vijaya Bharathi and KG Tirumurugaan
A total of 34 blood samples were collected from different breeds of cattle came to large animal outpatient unit, Madras veterinary College in Chennai. The samples were collected with details of sample number, age, place and date of collection. Blood smear were taken from 34 animals and stained with cocktail preparation of Giemsa-leishman stain. Among 34 samples only one smear showed positivity for Anaplasma marginale and remaining 33 samples were negative. From the collected blood samples DNA was extracted and DNA purity was checked by Nano-drop method and PCR was performed. The PCR products were loaded in 1.5 percent agarose gel and view under gel-doc UV illuminator showed the presence of 427 bp. product of Anaplasma marginale in three samples. In the present study, the presences of Anaplasma marginale in healthy carrier’s bovines were confirmed using microscopical and molecular techniques. Microscopy could detect only one positivity among 34 samples for Anaplasma marginale. No Anaplasma bovis could be detected by microscopy as well as by PCR. The present study clearly indicated that higher sensitivity and specificity for PCR to detect the Anaplasma marginale carrier in healthy animals.
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Prabhavathy Harikrishnan, M Vijaya Bharathi, KG Tirumurugaan. Molecular studies on carrier status of bovine Anaplasmosis in and around Chennai. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(5):01-03.
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