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Vol. 12, Issue 4 (2023)

An overview of NSAID loaded nanomaterials

Ravikumar C, Jagadeesh S Sanganal, Shridhar NB, Sunilchandra U, Ramachandra SG and Moonoshree Sarma
Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used as analgesic antinflammtory, and antipyretic agents. Nanomaterials like nanoparticle, nanofiber, nanosuspension and nanogel used as drug delivery of NSAIDS because it improves the solubility, prolongs the duration of action and reduces the side effects of the NSAIDS. For the characterisation of the nano materials like structural characterization, particle size distribution, particle charge / zeta potential, crystalline status, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), sransmission electron microscopy (TEM), dynamic light scattering, differential scanning calorimetry, X ray diffraction, FTIR etc are used. For quantification of NSAID, dissolution apparatus, HPLC and UV spectrophometry methods are used. The in vitro and in vivo efficacy studies also conducted for the comparison of nanomaterial and conventional analgesic drugs.
Cucurbit[6]uril- Ketoprofen nanoparticles remarkably increased in vitro drug release and pharmacokinetic parameters like AUC, peak plasma concentration compared to compared to the conventional ketoprofen. The increase in the drug release rate, dissolution of piroxicam-PVP loaded nanofiber were increased compared with the pure drug.
The polymeric nanofiber loaded indomethacin is used in the colonic delivery of indomethacin in the treatment of colon cancer, ulcerative colitis. There will be increase in the in vitro skin permeation profile, anti-inflammatory effects of aceclofenac nanoemulsion compared to the conventional aceclofenac.
The nanomaterials used as drug delivery of the NSAIDs, guidelines regarding safe use of these nanomaterials in drug delivery, toxicity hazards, bioethical issues, physiological and pharmaceutical challenges will be addressed in the future and would certainly get resolved.
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Ravikumar C, Jagadeesh S Sanganal, Shridhar NB, Sunilchandra U, Ramachandra SG, Moonoshree Sarma. An overview of NSAID loaded nanomaterials. Pharma Innovation 2023;12(4):43-58.

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