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Vol. 11, Issue 3 (2022)

Study on development, quality attributes and shelf life of mix vegetable jam

Pooja Gajanan Dahikar and KL Bala
Jams are highly liked and nutritious foods in human diet. The aim of this research behind the nutritive value of vegetables and to study their acceptability of these jam as a vegetable product. The jam was prepared according to 3 treatments. The treatments were T0, T1, T2 and T3. The samples were fill in the PET container and evaluation was carried out for total period of 28 days. Treatment was prepared by different formulation were adding with (Pumpkin, bottle gourd, tomato, sugar, pectin and citric acid). The Physico-chemical characteristics of mix vegetable jam (ash content, moisture content, acidity, pH, TSS.) sensory characteristics (color, texture, test and flavor,) and study shelf life of mix vegetable jam. The result of these study says that the highest ash content 0.91% for T3 and the lowest 0.88% for T1, highest moisture content 32.95% for T1 and the lowest 29.03% for T2, highest acidity content 1.4% for T1 and the lowest 0.72% for T3, Highest pH content 4.70% for T1 and the lowest 3.87% for T3, Highest TSS content 67.25% for T3 and the lowest 66.12% for T1. And the overall acceptability average rating of different sample of mix vegetable jam was found to be 7.3, 7.5, 7.8 and 6.9. Jam is a nutrition food for children’s. Jam prepared from those vegetables which are mostly dislikes by children's nowadays. The prepared jam is nutritious, healthy as well as economically sound to consumers. It does not have fat and cholesterol which helps to gain a healthy weight. The results of this investigation are in line with previous research on the benefits of vegetables and their beneficial health effects of lowering risks for chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease. This study provides some support for the benefits of including vegetables in the regular diet.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Pooja Gajanan Dahikar, KL Bala. Study on development, quality attributes and shelf life of mix vegetable jam. Pharma Innovation 2022;11(3):910-918.

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