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Vol. 11, Issue 3 (2022)

Nutritional, functional and shelf life studies of RTC little millet bisibelebath mix

Brundha AR, Shobha D, Devaki CS and Shekhara Naik R
The demand for millet based ready-to-cook (RTC) mixes among urban consumers is increasing due to ease of preparation steps and nutritional benefits against life style disorders. Little millet rice was explored for the preparation of RTC bisibelebath mix to meet the requirement of modern consumers. The little millet rice RTC mix was stored in MPP (Metalized Polyester Polyethylene pouches) under three different temperatures (Accelerated temperature of 37℃-AT, Room temperature, 18-24℃-RT and Refrigerated temperature, 0-5 ℃-RF) for a period of six months. Variations in cooking, functional, nutritional and bioactive compounds in RTC little millet mix was observed as against little millet rice. Higher hydration (445%) and swelling capacity (161.5%) was noticed in RTC mix as compared to little millet rice. The RTC little millet bisibelebath mix found to contain low carbohydrate (54.40%), protein (19.25%), crude fiber (7.60%), calcium (16.50 mg %), iron (7.87 mg %) and zinc (6.50 mg %). The bioactive compounds in-vitro studies revealed that, RTC mix contained phenolics (180.62 m.eq. gallic acid), flavonoid (60.74 mg. eq. quercetin) and antioxidants (41.23%). Among different storage temperatures, no significant differences were noticed between RT and RF with respect to shelf life and were acceptable up to six months.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Brundha AR, Shobha D, Devaki CS, Shekhara Naik R. Nutritional, functional and shelf life studies of RTC little millet bisibelebath mix. Pharma Innovation 2022;11(3):476-484.

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