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Vol. 11, Issue 3 (2022)

Influence of growing media on rooting of stem cuttings in Jamun (Syzigium cumini L. Skeels)

Bhyravi BM, Prakasha DP and Kulapathi H
Vegetative propagation of Jamun (Syzigium cumini L. Skeels) through cutting is the most convenient and the cheapest method to obtain true to type plants in considerably lesser time. In the present study, effect of different growing media on the rooting ability of different types of stem cuttings of jamun was assessed at College of Horticulture, University of Horticultural sciences, Navanagar, Bagalkot (Karnataka) India. The experiment was laid out in Factorial Completely Randomized Design. There was significant differences among treatments in various shoot and root parameters recorded. The hardwood cuttings and soilrite were significantly best with respect to most of the shoot and root parameters. In the interaction of treatments, number of days taken for sprout initiation was found early in T12 (Shoot-tip cutting and Soilrite, 8.37days), the highest number of sprouts (9.03, 7.03 and 5.03) and number of leaves per cutting (4.31, 6.33 and 7.77) at 30, 60 and 90 DAP, fresh weight of cuttings (13.86g), number of primary and secondary roots (49.98), length of longest root (15.43cm), and rooting percentage (44.87) at 90 DAP was more in interaction T10 (Hard wood cutting and soilrite). Whereas, the highest dry weight of cutting (8.01) was recorded in interaction T8 (Semi-hardwood cutting and sand). Overall, T10 having interaction of hard wood cutting and rootex was shown superior results as compared to other treatments.
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Bhyravi BM, Prakasha DP, Kulapathi H. Influence of growing media on rooting of stem cuttings in Jamun (Syzigium cumini L. Skeels). Pharma Innovation 2022;11(3):412-417.

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