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Vol. 11, Issue 2 (2022)

Alternaria leaf spot disease of Aloe vera

RS Mishra
Alternaria alternate is infected to aloe vera plants and causing quantative and qualitative yield losss. Alternaria has more than 50 species. The character of these fungi is more diversified. Typical characteristics of the species are formation of chains, multi-celled with pigmentation. Atmospheric temperature between 23 to 28 0C, relative humidity between 65 to 95 per cent and higher rainfall were conducive for development and progression of the disease. The biomolecules of plants were found alterate that were directly associated with adverse effect of pathogens during the progression of infection in aloe vera leaves. Phylloplane isolate Cladosporium herbarum, Aeurobasidium pullulans, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus niger, Trichoderma sp. and Penicillium sp. are most effective for reducing the growth of Alternaria alternate.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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RS Mishra. Alternaria leaf spot disease of Aloe vera. Pharma Innovation 2022;11(2):2159-2162.

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