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Vol. 11, Issue 2 (2022)

Effect of neem (Azadirachta indica) supplementation on hematological parameter of Kuroiler chicks

Priyanka Kayath, Dr. Mahesh Datt, Lekhu Kumar, Goatm Chopra and Jhabar Mal Tetarwal
The present investigation was conducted to detect the effect of Neem (Azardirechta indica) supplementation on haematological parameters of Kuroiler chicks. One hundred twenty unsexed kuroiler chicks (day old) were used on a completely randomized design (CRD) in 4 treatments with 3 replicates, each consisting of 10 chicks. The treatments involved the control group (T1) fed with chick starter feed and other group were fed on basal diet mixed with neem powder @ 2g, 4g, 6g in T2, T3, T4 respectively. All other management practices were followed as per recommendation throughout the investigational period of 8 weeks. Blood samples were collected at the end of investigational period. The results of haematological parameter of treated group T4 were significantly higher and showing good results among all groups control T1 and treated group T2, T3 groups. Haematological values indicate that dry Neem leaves powder as an additive to feed has great potential for improving immune system response. Haemoglobin, PCV, TEC and TLC values in Kuroiler chicken and showed significant (P< 0.05) differences over the control. The results of haematological parameters of Kuroiler chicken at 56 days are presented in table 4.8. The results of haematological parameters showed significant (P< 0.05) differences in the values of Hb, PCV, TEC and TLC which were significantly higher in T4 than control. The range of Haemoglobin and PCV were 10.77 (T1) to 11.98 (T4) g/dl and 29.33 (T1) to 39.33 (T4) %, respectively. Total erythrocytes count (TEC) and total leucocytes count (TLC) among treatment groups ranging from 1.98 (T1) to 2.45 (T3) millions/mm3 and 24.74 (T1) to 27.71 (T4) thousands/mm3, respectively. Lymphocyte, monocyte neutrophils, eosinophils and basophils count among control group and treatment groups ranging from 17.67(T1) to 29.67 (T4), 0.98 (T1) to 2.00 (T4), 65.33 (T1) to 77.33 (T4), 1.33 (T1) to 4.33 (T4) and 0.83 (T1) to 0.99 (T4).
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Priyanka Kayath, Dr. Mahesh Datt, Lekhu Kumar, Goatm Chopra, Jhabar Mal Tetarwal. Effect of neem (Azadirachta indica) supplementation on hematological parameter of Kuroiler chicks. Pharma Innovation 2022;11(2):1825-1829.

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