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Vol. 11, Issue 12 (2022)

Millet based ethnic food products consumed by Santali community of Kokrajhar district of Assam

P Sarmah and Barasha Roy
Millets are considered as coarse cereals of India and primarily constitute a diverse group of small grains and are classified as major and minor millets. It is the oldest staple food grains known to mankind. Millet is rich source of protein, fats, dietary fiber and minerals. These millets have diversified high food value but consumption of millet has been declined due to drudgery in preparation and lack of standardised processing techniques to compete with fine cereals. Hence, to increase the utilization of small millets as popular food, emphasis must be given on documentation of different traditionally formulated millet based food items, which are consumed specially by Santali community of Kokrajhar District of Assam. Most of the traditional method to cook food from millet by local people and tribes of the state of Assam are indigenous. The active nutri-ingredients and potent phyto-chemicals with promising nutritional and pharmacological properties present are yet to be explored and some are in the pipeline. Keeping this in view, a total of 100 respondents were surveyed and found that there are ten indigenous food items which are frequently consumed by Santali community, where different plant-parts, cereals, milk, fruits and nuts were incorporated to enhance its taste. However, nutritional analysis and incorporation of certain nutrients, if required is yet to be studied or may be under pipeline to make it nutritionally sufficient. The different food items includes millet based breakfast items like roti, dosa, snacks, sweet dish, beverages, etc.
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P Sarmah, Barasha Roy. Millet based ethnic food products consumed by Santali community of Kokrajhar district of Assam. Pharma Innovation 2022;11(12):55-58.
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