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Vol. 11, Issue 12 (2022)

Ultrasonography guided diagnosis of canine hepatopathy ascites and its therapeutic management

Madhusmitarani Sahoo, Anjan Sahoo, Santosh Senapati, Aditya Acharya and Gyanaranjan Sahoo
The present study was aimed at ultrasonographic changes and laboratory investigations for the diagnosis and therapeutic management in 30 ascitic cases of canines. The study comprised of Group I with 10 number, were apparently healthy on clinical and USG examination. Routine clinical examination was recorded on 0,15,30, and 60 days. Patients in group II and III showed marked like inappetence, abdominal distension with fluid thrill, respiratory distress, lethargy, melena. Radiography revealed ground glass appearance of abdomen, hepatomegaly and other hepatopathy disorders in these two groups. Anechoic abdominal free fluid was found in all 20 dogs, hyperechoic liver parenchyma in 14 dogs, hypoechoic liver in 4 dogs and mixed echotexture in 2 dogs. Marked hepatomegaly were found in 4 dogs, shrunken liver in 3 dogs and apparently normal liver size in 14 ascitic dogs. The resultant diagnosis was chronic hepatitis, hepatomegaly, nodular hyperplasia, liver cirrhosis, cholecystitis. The group II animals (10 no.) with mild and moderate ascites detected through USG were treated with silybin @ 1mg/kg b.wt OD orally, and common treatment regimen (parenteral essential amino acid + oral amino acid and multivitamin, ceftriaxone-tazobactum @ 20mg/kgbw I/M OD, parenteral furosemide followed by oral furosemide +spiranolactone and other supportive treatment). The group III animals (10 no.) with severe ascites were treated with combination of silybin @1 mg/kg bwt and SAMe @ 18mg/kg b wt OD orally, along with common treatment regimen. With selected therapeutic management in group II and III, abdominal fluid volume was cleared by one month. The treatment with the combination therapy of silybin and SAMe in therapeutic regimen-B was found to be better efficacious than silybin alone in therapeutic regimen-A.
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Madhusmitarani Sahoo, Anjan Sahoo, Santosh Senapati, Aditya Acharya, Gyanaranjan Sahoo. Ultrasonography guided diagnosis of canine hepatopathy ascites and its therapeutic management. Pharma Innovation 2022;11(12):26-31.
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