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Vol. 11, Issue 10 (2022)

Green waste mediated Zinc Oxide nanoparticles with citrus peel

Putta Aparna and Dr. Jyoti V Vastrad
The synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles with the use of plant extracts is a promising alternative to the conventional chemical method. This study aims to synthesize green zinc oxide nanoparticles with zinc acetate dihydrate precursor using Citrus reticulata peel powder. The synthesized nanoparticles were characterized for different analytic techniques. The maximum UV-Vis absorption peak was observed at 357 nm wavelengths which is specific for zinc oxide nanoparticles with a greater particle size of 36 nm. The FT-IR result shows a strongest absorption bands at 651 cm-1, which resulted from a covalent bond between zinc metal and oxygen atoms (Zn-O). According to SEM analysis, the morphology of the biosynthesized ZnO NPs were predominantly spherical in shape. Furthermore, the purity of the ZnO NPs was also confirmed by ED’s analysis. The crystallinity of the biosynthesized ZnO NPs was confirmed by XRD analysis, revealing sharp and narrow diffraction peaks, confirming the hexagonal wurtzite structure of the ZnO NPs.
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Putta Aparna, Dr. Jyoti V Vastrad. Green waste mediated Zinc Oxide nanoparticles with citrus peel. Pharma Innovation 2022;11(10):01-08.
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