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Vol. 11, Issue 10 (2022)

Evaluation of Urd bean local germplasm for seed shattering resistance

AB Gawhane, VS Girase and GR Andhale
Present investigation consisted of 50 local genotypes of Urd bean evaluated for seed shattering in RBD with two replications during kharif-2020 at Botany Section Farm, College of Agriculture, Dhule (MS). Seed shattering in pulse crops is one of the most important constrain to be overcome, it can also expect revolution in pluses to fight this problem. The present study discuss about “assessment of seed shattering characters” in 50 genotypes of Urd bean. In this investigation we observed seed shattering % age of fifty genotypes of Urd bean under hot air oven and categorized them into different criteria according to shattering % age. The average % age of pod breakage in hot air oven on 7 days was 44.35%. The shattering % age was ranged from 7.50(LCU-47) to 90.00% (LCU-41). Out of fifty genotypes, LCU-47 (7.5%), TPU-4 (25%), LCU-1 (27.50%), LCU-2 (27.50%) and TAU-1 (27.50%) were found lower to moderate for seed shattering. The genotypes LCU-41 (90.00%), LCU-35 (82.00%), LCU-11 (57.50%), LCU-15 (57.50%) and LCU-31 (57.50%) had higher pod breakage. (Table No.1) The resistant and tolerant genotypes found in present investigation may be utilized in breeding program for development of resistant or tolerant recombinants for seed shattering, which may permit time to the farmers for 1 or 2 weeks delayed harvesting during labour crises.
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AB Gawhane, VS Girase, GR Andhale. Evaluation of Urd bean local germplasm for seed shattering resistance. Pharma Innovation 2022;11(10):95-98.
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