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Vol. 10, Issue 8 (2021)

Detoxification of aflatoxin in groundnuts by novel degradation approaches

J Suresh, A Poshadri and Deshpande HW
Aflatoxins are cancerogenic mycotoxins majorly produced by certain species of moulds of the Aspergillus genus in different food grains and it is major food safety concern in groundnut. Aflatoxins are highly tolerant to destroy under different conditions; hence it is very common chemical hazard in foods and feeds. Due to its stability and presence in foods trigger various health problems such as liver cancer and thus becoming a more burden to food safety management in global food industry. It is inevitable to develop novel degradation or removal of aflatoxin levels to below the toxic levels in groundnut and practiced for the safeguarding thepeople and livestock health management. Novel degradation methods must appraise the multiple criteria to upscale into commercial degradation processes: (1) ability to degrade or reduce aflatoxins to safer levels; (2) not to produce or leave any toxic residues; (3) no effect on nutrients;(4) preserve the sensory attributes; (5) techno economical feasibility and eco friendly approach; and (5) destroy all kinds of fungal spores. This current review paper emphasized on novel physical detoxification approaches that could bepotentially applied to decontamination of foods and feeds from aflatoxins. However, a detailed and clear discussion of the decontamination methods for aflatoxins in groundnut is still not available. The applications of novel degradation technologies are explained in detail by coveringmerits and limitations of these approaches in this review paper. We put forward that this critical information and our differential opinions could help researchers to understand the decontamination approaches for aflatoxins.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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J Suresh, A Poshadri, Deshpande HW. Detoxification of aflatoxin in groundnuts by novel degradation approaches. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(8):751-757.

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