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Vol. 10, Issue 8 (2021)

Seed invigoration: A review

Burra Raghavendra Manikanta Naga Pavan and Chandra Mohan Mehta
Beneficial treatments applied to seeds after harvest but before sowing that increase germination or seedling growth or promote the delivery of seeds and other materials needed at the time of sowing are referred to as seed invigoration. To boost seedling establishment under natural and stressful conditions, many seed invigoration treatments are used in a variety of field crops, including rice. Hydropriming, seed hardening, on-farm priming, osmopriming, osmohardening, humidification, matripriming, priming with plant growth regulators, polyamines, ascorbate, salicylicate, ethanol, osmolytes, coating technologies, and more recently presowing dry heat treatments are some of the treatments used to invigorate rice seed. Seedling establishment is a critical factor that is heavily influenced by seed germination and vigour. Crop priming has the potential to improve the viability and germination of ordinary seeds. It has a remarkable ability to rejuvenate partially aged seeds and boost germination. This technology must be standardised across all crop organisms. Imbibition injury, seed ageing, and their interaction are the major factors affecting seed quality in grain legumes. In vegetable species, seed ageing is a major cause of reduced seed quality. The creation of seed invigoration treatments based on seed hydration has been one approach to their seed improvement. Since seed priming has been proven to be a useful technology, it is necessary to standardise it across all crop species, especially in vegetables and floriculture crops. A thorough examination of current technology and its effects on growth and yield is needed to fully comprehend the seed quality problem.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Burra Raghavendra Manikanta Naga Pavan, Chandra Mohan Mehta. Seed invigoration: A review. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(8):595-600.

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