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Vol. 10, Issue 7 (2021)

Rose species wealth: An overview

Rose species wealth: An overview
Plant species are the gene pools for crop improvement. The rose species across the world lead to the improving new varieties. Most of the species are habituated to china. More than 350 promising varieties and 14 species are maintained in India. A total of 25 species in the genus Rosa have been reported to grow in the wild. Eight of these have contributed to the development of modern ornamentals in the group ‘Hybrid Teas’. The use of wild roses for various purposes was studied. Distribution of all Rosa species available in India was mapped. Two species - R. clinophylla and R. gigantea perform well in a wide range of warm climates in India. R. clinophylla is perhaps the world’s only tropical rose species. R. gigantea grows luxuriantly in sub-tropical climates without harsh frosts are the species habituated in India. A large number of heritage roses exist in India. Two of the most interesting of these ‘found roses’ are Telangana pink and Kakinada red rose. The mapped species will be acting as gene pools for future rose breeding in India.
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