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Vol. 10, Issue 5 (2021)

Utilization of spent mushroom substrate: A review

Anju Andrews, Shivam Singh, Ishani, Akhilesh Chandhrapati and Yella Vinay Kumar
This paper gives a detailed insight of spent mushroom substrate and gives an outline on its different uses. Spent mushroom substrate is the waste that is being produced by the mushroom industry and this waste proves to be highly recyclable in various forms. As this industry is developing day by day which is resulting in a high amount of SMS and therefore its proper uses should be studied and performed. The various utilization mentioned are as a feeder for livestock, for soil improvement, in biogas production, pollution control, reuse in the cultivation of mushrooms etc. spent mushroom substrate has been estimated to be a solution to the problems of the environment. Different species of mushroom like Agaricus bisporus, pleurotus sp. all have proved to be of different uses after their harvesting. The huge amount of SMS and lack of proper waste management of substrate has led to an innovation of ideas to manage these substrates. Hence it is of valuable use and thus this paper provides all major uses and importance of spent mushroom substrate.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Anju Andrews, Shivam Singh, Ishani, Akhilesh Chandhrapati, Yella Vinay Kumar. Utilization of spent mushroom substrate: A review. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(5):1017-1021.

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