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Vol. 10, Issue 3 (2021)

Current trends on the utility of antioxidant in cooking oil: A review

Abhishek Biswal R, Pooja B, Dr. Ghadevaru Sarathchandra and Periyar Selvam S
Antioxidant is a health preventive agent given by many nutritional supplements, and by inhibiting the oxidation process, it also plays a significant role in food preservation. According to many studies performed in two decades, there are many natural antioxidants being used to decrease the oxidation stability in cooking oil. Spices, herbs, medicinal plant extract are used as natural antioxidant in cooking oil to control the rancidity level while cooking. Many studies also confirm that natural antioxidants have better character than synthetic antioxidants. Different extracts stabilise the natural antioxidants in cooking oil like corn oil, sunflower oil, rapseed oil, palm oil, soyabean oil etc. Natural antioxidants also have better thermal stability against synthetic antioxidants. Some synthetic antioxidants like BHA, BHT, tBHQ and propyl gallates also being present as standard antioxidants in cooking oil that controls the rancidity while cooking and also inhibits lipid oxidation. Determination of antioxidants in cooking oil has been done using HPLC, spectroscopic methods, mass spectroscopy, Fluorometric method etc. Toxicity test should also have to perform while adding natural antioxidants in cooking oil. Some later techniques like nano encapsulation of antioxidants in cooking oil also plays a major role to enhance the nutritional character in edible oil. This study mainly focusses on the current research of different source of antioxidants in edible cooking oil.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Abhishek Biswal R, Pooja B, Dr. Ghadevaru Sarathchandra, Periyar Selvam S. Current trends on the utility of antioxidant in cooking oil: A review. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(3):463-471.

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