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Vol. 10, Issue 10 (2021)

Characterization and identification of rice landraces through chemical tests

K Sivaranjani, K Raja, S Sundareswaran and D Kumaresan
Varietal characterization and identification are very important for maintaining genetic purity of the varieties during seed production, maintenance and conservation. Since now-a-days traditional rice varieties are gaining momentum, the study on varietal characterization were carried out in rice seeds using different chemical tests. In which, 50 varieties of rice landraces were characterized using phenol, modified phenol, ferrous sulphate, sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide tests. The results indicated that the phenol and modified phenol tests showed more colour variations viz., no colour, light brown, brown, dark brown and black. The varieties such as Kattuyaanam, Poovan samba and Sorna masuri showed greater response to phenol test with dark brown colour and the varieties viz., Karunkuruvai, Idly and Kullankar changed to black colour. Modified phenol test was used for further subgrouping of varieties which showed different colour reactions in some varieties viz., Navara, Karukka, Kuzhiyadichan etc. Ferrous sulphate test classifies the varieties into four groups viz., no colour, dark grey streaks, brown streaks and brown spots. Varieties viz., Thulasi vaasanai, Sivan samba and Sorna had dark grey streaks; Nootripathu, Kothamalli samba and Seeraga samba showed brown streaks; and Norungan, Mysore malli, Poovan samba showed brown spots. Similarly, NaOH and KOH tests grouped the varieties into four categories namely light yellow, yellow, pale red and red and the varieties like Salem sanna, Illuppaipoo samba and Sivan samba showed yellow colour and Kothamalli samba, Nootripathu and Poongar recorded with red colour. Also, the NaOH and KOH tests can be used very well for distinguishing the red rice varieties from white rice varieties. Therefore, a complementary set of these chemical tests can be used for varietal identification of landraces.
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K Sivaranjani, K Raja, S Sundareswaran, D Kumaresan. Characterization and identification of rice landraces through chemical tests. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(10):27-33.
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