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Vol. 10, Issue 10 (2021)

Assessment of soil health parameters from different blocks of Kota district, Rajasthan

Mohammed Aasim, Tarence Thomas, Narendra Swaroop and Anurag Kumar Singh
Proper evaluation of soil is essential to soil health maintenance and sustainable agricultural development. This study entitled “Assessment of Soil Health Parameters from different blocks of Kota district, Rajasthan” was conducted during the year of 2020–2021. The objectives of this investigation were to determine the variations in Soil Physico-chemical properties and to learn about the Soil health status by finding out the deficiency and toxicity of different soil nutrients and provide Soil Health Card to the farmers. For the assessment, a total of 27 soil samples were collected from 3 different depths (0–15, 15–30 and 30–45 cm) from aggregate nine villages of three blocks of Kota district of Rajasthan. Soil samples were analysed using standard laboratory techniques. Findings revealed sandy clay loam to clay loam Soil Texture and Bulk density range of 1.05–1.25 Mg m–3 with good Water Holding Capacity (42.10 – 65.38%). Soil pH is Neutral to moderately alkaline with a mean value range of 7.26– 7.97 and the Electrical Conductivity suitable for all crops with a mean value of 0.20 – 0.41 dS m –1. Soil Organic Carbon is medium to high range (0.26 – 0.76%). Available Nitrogen (mean value range of 316.9 – 390.9 kg ha–1), Phosphorus is medium to high (mean value range of 13.77 – 25.77 kg ha–1) and Potassium (mean value range of 174.1 – 248.7 kg ha–1), Sulphur (24.37 – 34.39 kg ha–1) is sufficient. Calcium and Magnesium are sufficient (8.97 – 16.47 and 3.9 – 12.4 cmol (p+) kg-1). Among micro-nutrients, Copper (0.15 – 1.04 mg kg –1) content is sufficient whereas, Iron (2.34 – 6.72 mg kg –1), Manganese content (2.24 – 2.61 mg kg –1) and Zinc content (0.30 – 1.27 mg kg –1) is low. On the basis of analysis, it was found that majority of soil profile of the study area is nutrient efficient and do not require external nutrition.
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Mohammed Aasim, Tarence Thomas, Narendra Swaroop, Anurag Kumar Singh. Assessment of soil health parameters from different blocks of Kota district, Rajasthan. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(10):690-695.

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