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Vol. 9, Issue 8 (2020)

Potassium dynamics under integrated nutrient management system in a typic ustifluvents

Ashutosh Singh, Amit Kumar Pandey and Umesh Singh
To assess the effect of water hyacinth compost, vermicompost and inorganic fertilizers a field experiment was undertaken during rabi 2015-16 in light textured sandy loam soil of Mandan Bharti Agriculture College, Agwanpur, Saharsa, Bihar in split plot design with four levels of NPK in main plot and four levels of organic sources in sub-plot treatment in three replications. The experimental site was located in between 25o52’50” North latitude and 86o48’62” East longitude in agro-climatic zone-II of Bihar having hot moist sub-humid climate with average annual rainfall of 1050 mm and mean maximum and minimum annual temperature of 26oC and 18oC, respectively. Wheat (cv. DBW- 14) was grown as test crop during the reputed period of 2015-16. Vermicompost, compost made from aquatic weed water hyacinth (water hyacinth compost) alone or in combination with different levels of NPK of recommended dose of fertilizers were applied. Water soluble, exchangeable and non-exchangeable K recorded maximum in surface layer (0-15 cm). They decreased with the depth upto 75-90 cm. The available K, water soluble, exchangeable and non-exchangeable K increased significantly with increasing levels of fertilizers as well as water hyacinth compost and vermicompost over control.
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Ashutosh Singh, Amit Kumar Pandey, Umesh Singh. Potassium dynamics under integrated nutrient management system in a typic ustifluvents. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(8):251-256.

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